Monday, February 2, 2009

Contact - Part 1

Xanthippe was a precocious girl. She liked all things bright and wonderful. But then, she liked the skies too, not the dark sulky ones, but the ones adorned with a thousand stars. She would spend hours looking at them, getting excited over a shooting star and going into raptures over a passing comet. Her doting parents recognized Xanthippe's love. The onset of her tenth temporal eon was welcomed by a gift so precious that she was literally over the numerous Lunar Planets over it.

Thus began her sojourns into the skies. The UltraPhotoTelescopic Amplifier that her parents gifted to her was the most advanced machine available for personal use in those times. Equipped with stochastic capabilities, to people with time and probability on their hands, it was a peek into the Universe in its entire vastness. Xanthippe would spend hours with it, adjusting probability variables, spatial coordinates and contrast parameters. The sky was her best friend now.

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