Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ah Munchen!

So I am here in Munich for about 2.5-3 weeks since the 9th. One week has past and it has been a good one. Work wise, I have done ok and well as per checking out the place goes - not too bad I think :)

Firstly, am handling the cold pretty well - one thing is that they are nearing the end of Winter and its becoming warmer. Yesterday, it was just pleasant - perfect for a weekend.

As a Roman I am doing what the Romans (err Muncheners) do. Guzzling down loads of beer (and getting puffed as a side-effect :() and trying to check out the local food and places. I was lucky enough to find some Indians and entertainingly HUNG out with them on Friday night. Infact I had grand touristy plans for Saturday, but I slept at around 5 in the morning on Friday night - so ahem saturday was just walking around checking out the history of Munich, the origins of Oktoberfest and obviously stuff about Hitler. This guy has left such a mark on this country and the world too for that matter. Its amazing how many times he survived dying before he went on to become the greatest wannabe dictator on this earth.

Its Sunday morning and true to the appeal of my tourist guide yesterday I am going to search my soul and go visit the concentration camps in Dachau. I learnt that some German families have adopted the controversial practice of introducing their kids to some places in these camps at the tender age of 7! But they claim, the kids end up becoming humane and with a lot of respect for humanity and basic equality. Nice... More updates later

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