Thursday, December 23, 2010

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge!

He was an unwanted guest for sure. For more than a month, he had been most unwelcome at our place. We would see his doings especially in the Kitchen and curse ourselves for the fate that had be-fallen us. But did that affect him - no! He would go about his business with a peculiar aplomb - sampling a fruit, playing around with the wheat flour and sniffing away at stuff with nary a merciful glance at us hosts.

Soon, it was time for us pitiful victims to start plotting revenge. After much discussions and strategic planning the TRAP was laid down. He didn't bite the bullet, the first few rounds. Cunning fellow that he was! The enticement in the trappings had to be made more tastier to lure him into it, we felt.

On that fateful day, we did not realize that the bait had been taken. Pi was drudging along to make another savoury snack for that night's plans. And it was only when she was about to set it up that she noticed the slight little commotion from the inside! The sly creature was hiding with nary a sound! The brave me tried to coax him out onto the visible part of the trap, but he clung onto the shadows like a ghost. Trying in vain to fool us, but ultimately he could not hide himself from the piercing gaze of my car's head-light. His fur-ball shining unevenly in the glare and the light reflected from his michievous eyes betraying his stealth.

Yes we had caught our unwelcome guest and his fate was in our hands! I demanded gruesome and swift justice, but was over-ruled unanimously by the ladies in the house. Finally we mercifully dumped him near a vegetable vendor cart in the deep of the night. Hopefully he found some food and embarked on an adventure in search of a new abode. Heres fervently hoping he does not end up at our place again!


Debjit said...

Okay, so what insect was it?

Nitin said...

How barbaric :|