Friday, February 22, 2008

Rough Road !!

Is what certainly participants of the reality show MTV Roadies have to tread on! I have never watched the earlier series completely ever, but this time I have been following these bunch of people around their international sojourn with one eye open. It's an interesting show in many ways. For one, people get to bike around for fun doing odd stunts here and there.
But what is more interesting is to see this game bring out the beast from within you! I read Animal Farm some time back and the summary there was that "All animals are political by nature". The same applies to this show, and it brings out all the machiavellian instincts to the fore out of these participants. Guys and girls alike, scheme, plot, curse, form temporarily beneficial bonds only to regroup in distinctly different ways on the exit of one participant every week. I think its a remarkable display of the entire possible range of human behaviorism necessary for survival and to stay in the game till the end. Check it out whenever you can and marvel at us complex beings :)

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