Thursday, April 17, 2008

Analyze This!

I saw this movie over the weekend. Robert De Niro simply rocks in his mafia don roles! I just love him and his "You talkin' to me? huh" accent. Was just thinking - do we analyze other people all the time? Do we measure them up the moment we see them? Do they analyze you in turn? Why the hell do we analyze each other? Can't we just be? (don't you dare analyze my questions now :-P).

I also saw another movie over the weekend "U, Me aur Hum" and it deals with Alzheimer's Disease. One quote I saw from the movie was memorable. It said -
"We served him thrice and then he served himself"
Sums up the disease pretty well according to me.

Analytically in the ongoing week, it turns out that at work too, its my turn to analyze things. Am going over a report from a customer and am pretty much chewing my nails trying to analyze it properly. Its a decently big document and thankfully it contains enough information to cogently get something out of it. So I guess I will analyze this and catch up on "Analyze That" hopefully over the weekend :)

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