Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well, its been a while and yeah the analysis and the research is still ongoing. Am learning a new technology currently and believe you me, it can get a bit daunting. Understanding the jargon first is an uphill task because all forums, documentations liberally use it everywhere. But not to worry, I have gotten the hang of it a bit :)
One of the additional things that I ended up doing was participating in an impromptu drawing competition conducted at my workplace. The topic was "Colors of Life"! heavy, no? Expecting tech workers to rack their brains and come up with such deep conceptualizations is kind of expecting a lot :-P.
But rack our brains all of us did and gingerly used the pencils, crayons and sketch pens provided to us for the same. I couldn't help but comparing how fluidly my fingers flow on the keyboard and how ungainly I am at drawing and emoting pictorially. I guess had we been asked to use MS Paint or GIMP or some such stuff the output would have been remarkably slicker, but well everything can't be done on a laptop right :)
Anyways, since the standards were low, I and my partner actually ended up winning the runners-up award for our shoddy efforts! So lahdees and the genteelmen, without further ado I present before you our monumental masterpiece (roll the drums, raise the curtains...)

Ya, ya I can picture the grin on your face. But what the hell, it was fun :). Ok, this Artiste is signing off for now!
P.S. Let me know if anyone wants to shell out dollars for this masterpiece ;)

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