Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eros - Part Deux

A while back, much to the consternation of some, I professed my love. But as always give something time and practicality takes over. I would have wanted to covet her, but pure number crunching and limited resources made me to pause and rethink. A big reason in the limited resources department (the biggest reason being money ofcourse :)) is the size of my garage. What a CRETIN I can be some times. When I had a wide variety of car parking sizes available to me, I ended up choosing the most cramped, most awkward spot that anyone would want :(. I can defend myself by saying that I did not own a car then and new zilch about the finer points..

Anyways, the sane, practical me has gone in for this beauty in Carbon Bronze Pearl color. Will get the car in about a week or so. And yeah, I had to sell off my old car to accommodate this one in too. Felt a tinge of sadness when I handed over the car keys of my old car yesterday to the new owner. So that means currently we are without four wheels and myself and Pi trundle about to office on a nice sporty two wheeler belonging to my sister in the meanwhile :).

So my car has finally arrived. It was supposed to arrive yesterday (i.e. Thursday), but arrived today on Friday. The car dealer was kind enough however to provide a temporary car overnight :). Yet to get the number plates though! and without them I cannot take the car out of the city. Am planning to attend a wedding in Mumbai over the weekend (I should get the number plates max by Saturday morning).. See you around in the CITY then :)

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