Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Well, my short stay in America is over. I will be leaving on Friday. Was pretty much an AMERICAN stay here. I ate a lot of American food - steaks, salads, omelettes, soups, glazed ribs and what not. The best place according to me was Benihana. I just loved the concept of someone cooking food on your table in front of you! I can already feel the combined effects of all this food on my belly.

I drank a lot of American beer - coors, ambiere, samuel adams and the likes. I did not like the coors light beer at all, it tastes yucky to me. I sampled a lot of american shots too this time around - yeager bombs, goldslager, pineapple upside-down and all. (No I am not a drunkard if you have started thinking so, I was just socializing you see :)) and even interacted with a lot of cool American colleagues from my office :).

Am planning on buying some stuff from here before I leave. I always get a beating back home because I don't take some stuff back. But you know, you pretty much get everything nowadays back in India at pretty much the same price. Some things on the list are - cheap external USB drive, toys for my nephew and my cousin sis' kids, some toiletries for the ladies back home, chocolates etc. Everyone has been paying for most of my meals and drinks here, so I have some dollars to spend on all of this :)

Will reach Dubai on Saturday where I will get a visa hopefully and check the place out. I hope the jetlag does not get to me while am in Dubai, otherwise I will be sleeping when the Sun is shining brightly down upon me :). Heading back to India on Monday. So more travel updates soon!

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