Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sigh... copycats

Yeah, nowadays Bollywood is synonymous with copycats. Last saturday evening, I was glancing at a movie airing on Zee English (or whatever is their movie channel) and 30 minutes into the movie, I sensed that it seemed similar to a Hindi blockbuster. Worse still, this blockbuster had won a spate of awards at the multitude of leading award ceremonies and all. The English movie is Eye of the Needle and the much feted inspired Bollywood movie is Fanaa. These directors, story writers have no conscience it seems.

In recent times, amidst all the stale stuff being dished out, the movie Aamir seemed to stand out. But some time back I was saddened to know that it is a complete copycat of a movie called as Cavite.

Was just wondering, if some of them feel any pangs when their inspired creations win awards and they get all the credits.

I guess, since even the name Bollywood is inspired from Hollywood, we really shouldn't blame them for not being so original after all. Sigh.. I say


Parag Dighe said...

well said. I did not know fanaa was a copy. Hey bollywoodche writer/directors apla doka "khuntivar tangun thevtaat" waatata.

NikhilS said...

True, and more recently it was revoltingly funny to see the directory/scriptwriter of Aamir, talk about the subject as if its his entire pristine creation. The balls these guys have...