Monday, October 20, 2008


Hmmm, last few days have been of a different kind. The build up was close to 9 plus months in the making. The anticipation, the constant discussions with Pi, the mental preparations have all culminated with the birth of my son Neil on the 10th of October.

People have been asking, what my reaction has been. The first reaction has been that of sheer relief, to see both Pi and Neil both coming through fine. And now slowly things are sinking in. Long gazes at the little one, marveling at his perfectly formed fingers, enjoying his first crying, you know the usual moments and emotions that every new parent goes through. Yes, the sleepless nights are thrown in too! And along with all this is a renewed sense of responsibility towards one more being on this earth..

Thanks to all friends and well-wishers who have congratulated and wished us all well through the past days. Responsibly yours :)
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