Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moment of Truth...

When I was growing up, I was stressed upon the virtues of telling the truth all the time. I was told, that telling the truth may have consequences afterall - but that it is the best thing to do.

As I started growing up and started understanding the ways of this wicked world a bit, I realized that hardly anybody tells the truth! You realize People lie to friends, to co-workers, to lovers, to bosses, to families. Ask yourself if you have never lied. If you ask me, I have lied whenever I felt the need for it (thankfully not very many occasions though) :P

One fine day, GOD came up to me and said - "I will gather all the people you have interacted with all your life - your family, friends, colleagues, everyone, and ask you questions pertaining to them, that you have to answer truthfully! If you answer all of them truthfully I will give you 10 crore rupees!!"

Isn't that a moral dilemma?? How enticing and tricky at the same time! If I stand up in front of everyone and tell the truth and nothing but the truth, I stand to gain enough money to retire for life immediately! On the other hand - having to answer truthfully might mean scandalizing your family, facing untoward consequences from friends, awkward relations with colleagues etc. etc. Its like standing up to possibly have your reputation tarnished forever having dug deep into your conscience to answer questions truthfully. I ask myself, does money make it worth loosing all of this?

God, I am still deciding whether to take up this offer. You tell me, are you ready for your Moment of Truth?

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Snehal said...

yello... everyone is here, no need to be on orkut anymore :D
badhayian one more time!