Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poking a big one?

So, its election time and for many its somehow fashionable to vote this time around! I voted too (not for the fashion part though :)). Frankly, I was kinda impressed with the organization of the whole thing.

The first part about finding which place to go to, my family's voting numbers (yeah they did not send out voting cards to us) was a bit frustrating - but thankfully there was a guy sitting with a laptop doing the job for you. That his laptop was about to conk off with his battery running out made it a tad more exciting is another matter..

So I find out the location which turns out to be a nice school with an iscrutable name (Kroot school!!) pretty close to my home. I go in and there are nice rooms with organized numberings put up in front. There are no serpentine lines (is that a good or a bad thing?) in the sweltering sun and in a matter of 5 minutes am done with the voting!! I go in to get my finger inked to proudly show to everyone in office that I voted.

I put forward my left hand's thumb to indicate a big thumbs up for the entire process. The lady poker-facedly says - "Put your left hand's MIDDLE FINGER forward please!!".

Did I hear her right! But middle finger it is. I am smilimg ironically at this tradition by now - they could have picked up any other finger and am fervently hoping that they did not pick this to poke a big one into the face of democracy!

Did you vote then?

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