Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My mother tongue is umm...

Answer this honestly..

How many sentences can you converse in chaste Hindi without adding a dash of some English? Most of you (including yours truly) will answer 1 or 2 at maximum. Yes sirree, the entire nation has been afflicted with this Hinglish flu!

Its everywhere, on TV, news, media, the newspaper, the college katta or the office smoke rooms! I myself bemoan this linguistic impurity and sometimes wish I could use one language at one time and not end up using this mish-mash of words.

But seems this is not just an Indian phenomenon. I recently met up with a Finnish guy and while generally conversing, he too was moaning the liberal mix of English words back home. Guess what do they call this mish-mash - FINGLISH! :) Am glad we are not the only ones who have been linguistically corrupted :P


Neeraj Bhope said...

Our tongue now is marathinglish :p

NikhilS said...

yeah, any Indian language has the same English effect I guess now :)