Monday, March 24, 2008


So, like I am working away at office and I get a call on my office number:

Caller: Is this Nikhil
Me: Yes this is he
Caller: Sir, I am calling from Amazon!
Me (a bit interestedly): Ok, and
Caller: Sir, you see we are having a convention in Bangalore coming Saturday
Me (interestedly): Ok, and
Caller: Sir, we would like to invite you to be a part of our elite discussion panel about Databases
Me (chest starting to puff up): Why me?
Caller: Sir, you have experience. Don't worry we will pay for your to-fro airfare
Me (reeking of interest): Oh, do you have a website with information about this
Caller: Sir, its happening in Leela. As you know its a 7 star hotel and rest assured we will make all arrangements. I have provided all information, we do not have a website though..
Me (sold on the proposal but suspicious about no online information, its Amazon - hellooo): Ok
Caller: Sir, if you can give me your personal emailid and personal cell number and also refer us to your friends....
Me (chest deflated): Sorry can't do.

There goes my interest poof in a cloud of smoke. If he is inviting me, why does he want me to refer my friends - I am the expert ain't I! Then stupid me realizes that this is tele phishing at its best. He needs mine and my friends information so that he can maybe headhunt me and them later. My office pals, Pavan and Atuld had similar phone calls - but am proud that mine was the grandest tale of them all :P

You know, for a while, I was already on the dais addressing an august assembly, giving fundaes about databases and whatever little I know about it - dream on.. :)

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