Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Under the OAK tree

So, last weekend, my cousin bro who is studying engineering at a college in Pune, took me to a counseling workshop by Dilip Oak. It was supposed to be a workshop on how to interpret the I 20 (it is a form received by hopeful US college admission seekers) and then how to fill up the relevant US visa forms. People (cousin included) had paid huge sums of money for this additional counseling. I was like WTF!!!! Is this the amount of spoon feeding people need nowadays? Aren't students intelligent enough to figure out how to fill up a form?

On retrospection, it seems people always try to be safe (I guess, I would too. I have been guilty of spending my mom's hard earned money on tuitions for my senior high school..). At the end of the day it is just some financial inconvenience, but I guess the peace of mind that one derives by settling for such counseling outweighs the inconvenience. One thing I am sure about though - Dilip Oak does not mind all of this and is surely laughing all the way to his bank with the enormous kitty :)


Ashish said...

a point well made!!!!!!

NikhilS said...

Thanks man! :)