Monday, August 11, 2008

Traffic it!

So, I and Pi had a nice route to office. Her office was 2 stone throws away from mine and my road was such that I had to take that turn anyways! So I had gladly been her chauffeur ferrying her around for 3-4 months and it worked really well.

Alas, that was not meant to be. The world could not digest that this kind of traffical bliss be awarded to any city-lving soul. It turns out that Pi's office has shifted 4 kms away from mine and that too on the busy bund-garden, yerwada-bridge, airport-road areas :(.

For one who was used to no traffic jam, below 30 minutes commute times, I have not been taking it well. My arsenal of expletives has been renewed/replenished proportional to the number of traffic stops I have to make now. I am also trying to listen to "Lounge Music" to calm myself against this gross injustice too. So, yeah add my name to the list of harried, harassed, city commuters now. The fact that I had the urge to replace the "i" in the first word of the title above with a "u" should also say something about my sentiments right now.. Calm Nikhil... calm :)

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