Friday, August 1, 2008

Shining dark knight!

I am not prone to fanboyism. But I saw "The Dark Knight" over the weekend and it's a splendid piece of cinema. Heath Ledger is amazing as the Joker and I think Christian Bale holds up his own pretty well as the Batman himself.

What spiked up the fanboy within me was the batman's fabulous batpod! The way he vrooms around with his cape bellowing out in the wind is a cool sight to behold. So if you thought the batmobile was uber cool, the batpod is the coolest. Infact, Batman's relationship with this bike is described in the film as "He doesn't choose it, he requires it." The sequence in the middle during the car chase, when the Joker is out of his truck and Batman is on the Batpod coming towards him is worth watching many times over. Take a look at Batman's sleekest mean machine below!

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Parag Dighe said...

Agreed. Joker was king in the film. It has all the dark and sombre undertext. ultra Cool.