Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day Well Begun!!

Yes sirree, the day has begun well for me. Personally, its a special day and it started off with a nice bouquet arriving at my home in the morning.
After that both Pi and myself got ready for the office. To-Fro to the office, we both listen to songs while driving around. It helps nowadays that we have 3 radio stations in Pune. If I dont like any, I switch to the CD player. I, thankfully, had slipped in an old CD into the player a while back. Oh my oh my, how it added to the well begunness for the day!

I don't know about others. But has it ever happened to you ever - you are doing your thing and some nice song that you liked earlier and had not heard in a while plays somewhere and it totally makes you happy. It happens to me every once in a while. Today I had not one but two songs making me happier.

The first one was "Inner Smile" by Texas and the second one was my all time favourite "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. How I love this "Fast Car" number and how out of the blue it made the start of my day a bit happier. Guess "Music is indeed my Aeroplane" on some days :)

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