Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So the saying goes - "Never ASSUME, it makes an ASS out of U (you) and ME". I used to bandy it around, because I used to think it was funny and I like to play around with words anyways...

But today, you, me and everybody got made out to be ASSes. My mom and bro were supposed to leave for Nagpur via the Pune-Nagpur Express train. I had gotten the tickets with great difficulty - having paid the extra TATKAL (immediate) charges and all for a confirmed seat for both of them.

Today before leaving for office, mom asks me about the timing of this train. Since I had handed over the ticket to her, I nonchalantly said 6 or 6:40 in the evening. Mom ASS-U-MEd that I was telling the right time. I ASS-U-MEd that mom will cross check and come to know that the time is ahead by one hour!

Cross-check she did, but when she read the station at 5:40 PM in the evening, comfortably ASS-U-MEing that the train is after an hour :P. If you haven't understood by now, she missed the train comfortably too :D.

Was just wondering after it all. It would have taken hardly a minute for either her or me to cross-check the exact timings and reach there comfortably on time. But both of us ASS-U-MEd things and now she has missed the bus - er train. More than the money, its the important things that wont get done because of she not reaching to Nagpur now. But I guess rightly served to me for being such an ASS :). Asininely yours...

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