Monday, July 21, 2008

Security Fail!

The new police commissioner of Pune has been advocating a ban on wrapping scarves while driving two-wheelers. He is also advocating the use of helmets while driving. There has been a huge hue and cry over the ban on the scarves, with a lot of public - especially girls coming out against it. They might have a point, but the reasons being touted to not to use helmets are laughable:

"Helmet makes my head heavy and hence I use a scarf"!
"Scarf provides the same amount of protection for my skin, so why a helmet"!
"Helmets do not look good while driving"!!

the list of nonsensical answers goes on and on. Tell that to the next accident victim who could have been saved by a robust helmet but wanted to use a good-looking, skin-saving scarf instead. Helmets are an absolute must and the ruling should be enforced I say. It is already enforced in places like Delhi and Mumbai, why not in Pune??

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dharm said...

good to know the reasons given by people for not wearing helmets :P