Friday, July 18, 2008


Its friday evening and I am twiddling my thumbs in office. Me and Pi were planning to leave early and we left early too to catch up a doctor's appointment for Pi. But we had to actually come back to our respective offices because she had to do some more work for the day! You should have seen the sullen look on Pi's face, just because she had to go back again to office to finish off the day :P

I also did the usual hee-hawing and complaining, but had no other alternative but to trudge back to my own office. Luckily, an office colleague has left her laptop running and unlocked :D , so am writing this blog from that very machine. (hope I don't get sued for invasion of privacy or breaking some office rules or something - I actually have sent a nice and polite email about the perils of keeping one's laptop unattended to the guilty party already :P)

Amongst other things, I did manage to upload my Portland trips pics. You can take a look at them here. Ok, so I continue twiddling my thumb furthermore. You readers have a good TGIF and a good weekend too!

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