Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Reality can be boring and ennui-inducing sometimes. So what is one to say about reality shows? Me (and thankfully my family) gave up watching soap operas a long time back. But just like trying to have dinner together with family, watching something together on the idiot box also makes up for some family bonding. Currently we are all watching "Big Boss, Season 2". First, the members chosen could not have been lamer. The first qualification for this show should be someone who is atleast an average speaker. There are some folks, who do not have anything to say at all for lengths of time! And then there are some who are at the other extremes (Sambhavna was histrionics personified on yesterday's (i.e. 15th Sept) show!).

But all in all, this is the best fare for me in recent times. There are some people like Rahul Mahajan the Man-Child, Raja of the filmy-rage, Payal the filmy-dame and Sambhavna of the histrionics - who keep up the interest quotient alive. Infact Raja is the surprising package of the lot. From a reticent, non-talkative first-weeker, he has turned into the mischief-maker-in-chief with full force! Most of the rest are as interesting as the storylines of saas-bahu serials. Until something else more interesting comes along, I will stick to this without a lot of boos..

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