Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love weekday holidays!

Don't you just love it when you are wading through work during the week hoping for the weekend to arrive faster and suddenly you are gifted a holiday on a weekday? I love it too! But I typically end up at work on such (optional) weekday holidays, unless the holiday is part of a possible extended weekend. Today is one such day!

If you see me, am all happy and relaxed at work, typing away this post merrily. I have had a smooth ride to office. I was able to actually enjoy driving down to office! My left leg does not hurt today from the constant assault that it puts the car clutch to. My fingers are not too stiff, because of the manic tight grip I usually use it for on the driving wheel. My temper is not frayed, cause I don't have to mutter abuses under my breath, nor hear other drivers' impatient honking prodding me along the way.

Amongst other things, I could actually wander my eyes off the road and check in the city on the way. I could admire small things like watching an autorickshaw driver using yesterday's poodle of accumulated rainwater to scrub clean his conveyance. I could actually check out the roses that the road side vendors push into our faces everyday. On other days, I am all taut at my seat with the socket of my eyes glued in onto the front and rear view mirrors hoping fervently that my car gets away without a bruise or a scrap.

With almost half of the city's population not on the road, I wistfully wish if this was the situation everyday. Hmmm, till the next weekday holiday then! :)

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