Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BARE facts!

So my 8 year old nephew is lucky enough that he gets to go visit his relatives in this famous beachy tropical island called as St. Maarten. The beaches and the blue waters will put our beloved Goa to shame anyday.
But what is luckier is that he checked out some Nude Beaches too while he was there!

So he comes back and proudly shows some of the pictures that he had clicked whilst on the premises. Apart from the sensationalism that we might usually associate with this, it was actually refreshing for me to hear him out talking about it normally. In our days, at his age, had I uttered something along these lines, a sound admonition would have been just around the corner, not to mention my lack of modesty and moral values :)

Whatever be the case, one thing remains constant: "Boys will be boyz" ;)!!


Neeraj Bhope said...

:-) Welcome to the blogging world!

IU said...

Hey, Nikhil I don't know if your nephew is lucky or not. But I am sure you at ur age have access to much more than uve been upto grabbing...Reach Out...