Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Alright, so Y2K turned out to be a damp squib. But Y2K38 might not! But why wonder 30 years before. Who knows the entire world might be nuked by them and only Noah's Arc might be around.
The reason is that Saturday, January 19th marks the beginning of the 30 year countdown to the Y2K38 bug.

Will it turn out to be another ho-hum affair, that remains to be seen. Will I or you be there to judge it, that remains to be seen too :)


Parag said...

Abe ye y2k38 kyaa hain? kabhi suna nahin ?

NikhilS said...

My post contained a nice link to wikipedia which detailed out what this is about. Links to follow karne ka na baap :)

Parag said...

ya i did just that..AFTER I posted the comment :-))
Looks like janta used lowly 32-bit counters that too signed !! :-) Guess no-one wud have thought UNIX would continue for so long ;-)
keep posting.