Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, I like big cars. I am an average Indian, but when it comes to cars, most Indians prefer small cars. Its a no-brainer then that Nano is an indigenous product and from the looks of it a nifty little one at that.

Lately, I have been harboring thoughts of upgrading my car. And when I say I harbor thoughts, I don't just keep the thought ship docked at the port, I actually venture out to deep waters. Whether the thought ship reaches its destination or not is another matter :)

I had zeroed out on a City ZX GXi model, but my amigos mentioned that for it's worth one does not even get safety features like ABS, Driver/Passenger side Airbags. I mean, WTF! for the price tag, I had thought these mid-sized cars should have everything thrown in, leather seats and stuff!

After some hours of internet research later, SX4 seems to be the only car which has everything thrown in (yeah, even an input socket in its music player, for your IPOD like gizmos).

Hmmm, sad part, I don't like the way it looks and reports say its difficult for 3 people to be comfy in the back seat. Looks like this thought ship might just get watered out soon :p

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