Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SUNny days for MySQL

Ok, so after a late night bachelor party - nah, they are not *so* interesting as the ones we see on 'em stupid movies, but it is a lot of male bonding (read card playing, liberal profanity usage, eating-drinking binges), I trudge late to office in an auto rickshaw. (My car was stranded in the office parking overnight, since I did not want to drink and drive). To add, my rear is not used to the spinal jolts one experiences in our famous Indian auto rickshaws - yeeooouch.

Anyways, the news of the day that awaited me was about Sun buying out MySQL for 1 Billion $$$$!! Thats a lot of monies for an open source company! For an analysis for what it means to us, take a look at my CEO's blog. Interesting news to get first thing in office.

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